It was another great week at the e-Learning heroes community with several awesome creative entries in response to this week’s challenge – creating a virtual tour of a fictitious or a real location. I must confess this time that these challenges have actually helped in developing skill in e-Learning tools and several other things.

virtual tour

The Concept.
I decided to adopt a simple design concept of Map, Picture and details, like several templates and entries portrayed. I originally wanted to virtually tour a campus but soon lost track for it and decided to take you through your new house, since I know this will influence your final choice of paying for the house.

The Design.
I used the floor plan of the house as the map and navigation and applied the mouse hover effect to display one part of the house to another, as I learnt recently from Nicole’s tutorial. I decided to apply some formatting to create some 3D effects for the images.

The Result.
The result is an interactive Virtual tour¬†of a house created in PowerPoint…enjoy exploring your new house! Don’t forget to view as a slideshow.

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