Power’s out? Pen and Paper in!

Digital tools have soon overtaken the simple and fast methodology of design with our hands, using pen and paper…and what happens when power’s out? Or someone abducts your digital tools as Jackie illustrates?

This week’s e-learning challenge is to create a short emergency-response course using pen and paper. I soon discovered I no longer have a pencil and eraser and crayon and needed to borrow my little sister’s. A nice challenge it was!

The Concept…
In thinking of an emergency situation, I decided to tilt a little towards my bias – Education and students; so I painted a scenario of an emergency situation when a student forgets something critical in an examination.

The Process…
I must confess at this point that my layout and design was influenced by the three earliest posts, thanks to Jeff, Melissa and Jackie.
I created a main menu with other pages explaining the content. I adopted a thorn paper-like menu with pins and decided to spice it up a little more with unique colors for each menu.

The Result…
The result is a 3-slide non-digital course as shown in the images below.





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  1. I like this, Daniel! Using a topic that’s meaningful to you is always a great way to go. You kept it simple; yet still covered the salient points. The smart use of color for the subtopics and the push-pins works well, too. And I’m so glad you found some non-digital media to use!
    You’re becoming a challenge regular!!

  2. Nicely done Daniel, I like the scenario you chose and the way you work people through it. I’m a big advocate for getting enough sleep to clear the mind and cleanse the body. A lot of people think they’ll get a lot more accomplished by not sleeping as much, but studies have shown it doesn’t work because sleep-deprived people aren’t as productive and often make more mistakes.

    1. Thanks Dan…I appreciate your feedback. Practically speaking, I used to produce little in exams when I didn’t sleep compared to when I slept well…my brain gets refreshed! Thanks for pointing out!

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