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In this third episode, I introduce to you a free Google app that I love and use called Google Keep. I use it to ‘keep’ quick notes and especially my lists. Everything from my to-do to lists of things to buy all gets noted in Keep and I can even check items off the list as well.


Keeping Lists & Notes with Google Keep

In this episode

In episode 3, I share a technology productivity Quote…

Let technology do what it can do so you can find space (and time) to do what technology cannot do! #TTTips #EdTech

I also introduce to you Google Keep which I use to jot down quick ideas and also keep my lists. I use Keep for . . .
Lists – To-do, grocery lists, things to buy . . . any lists at all
Quick notes – Like sticky notes on the laptop, someone’s phone number or email, or address, a flash of an idea . . . anything quick!

Google Keep has many great features like

* Checkbox (tick when complete or when bought)
* Attach pictures/record audio
* Reminder by date/time or by location
* Color coding of each note
* Auto-sync across all devices (including web) – syncs with Gmail
* Share lists/notes with others in real-time
* Search notes
* FREE (like all Google apps) and lots more!

In the tech news segment, I speak about the black dot of death which many of us experienced on WhatsApp sometime last week. I explain why it happened, what you should do immediately and how to avoid it next time.

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