A very exciting one for me as David challenges us this week to do anything with the newly declared Pantone’s Color of the year 2015 – Marsala. I must confess I didn’t think I’ll like the color when I saw it at first, though wine is my favorite color but working with it and using variations of it has been great fun for me!

The Idea
Last week, David’s challenge was to create an interaction on how to survive the holiday period. Somehow, I couldn’t get around to participate so when this week he requested for Marsala, I decided to do a 2-in-1 submission. Since, I’ve been reflecting in the past few weeks in this last month of this year, I found a few attitudes I am keeping for this month and decided to share it as my ways of surviving this holiday period.

The Design
The challenge is to stick to Marsala as the base color using different shades and tints and color pairings as recommended by Pantone. The background is a tint gradient of the main color from top left downwards. Each tip is bordered by shades of the original color and captioned with different color pairings. I tried to be as simple as possible in the overall design and I think it turned out well.

The Attitudes
So I put together 4 simple attitudes to have during this Christmas holiday.
1. Give thanks to God for the year: I found I could not associate all the successes of this year to any other thing but God’s faithfulness and favor and so I’m spending quality time to give Him all the thanks!
2. Share Love and Give to Others: It’s all about sharing and giving! So share as much as you can and give to those around you. Share with friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and even enemies (if you have one).
3. Be Happy and have Fun with those you love: Yes… It’s important to relax and play with those you truly love. Put away every worries, be happy and just have a nice time!
4. Pray and Plan for the new year: As you pray, plan and as you plan, pray and prepare for the new year! Don’t go into the new year blindly, without knowing what to do or pursue!

The Result
I love it as a constant reminder of what I must keep doing… Enjoy my best Christmas holiday attitudes poster in Marsala color!


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  1. Hello Daniel, these are the most special propositions for the holidays. I’ll remember them. Thanks!

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