Favorite tips for aspiring e-Learning Freelancers

Everyone talks about the difference between a stable job and a contract kind of job. If you have to wait until you find work to do, your finances may not be as stable. And what if you don’t find work to do in a year? This can be a daunting fear for new e-Learning professionals trying to decide for the freelancing way!

Of course, the benefits are great for a person like myself – the flexibility of my time, the flexibility of the kind of work I take, ability to diversify and gain new skill set per work, ability to determine the frequency and strength of your pay and a host of others.

Having all these benefits starring at me just at a time I’m deciding if freelancing is the way to go, made this week’s e-Learning challenge a very timely one for me. So many great tips have been shared here and since I’m not a freelancer yet, I was on the learning side this time. I however decided to gather together my favorite tips as shared from the community this week and make it into a poster!


I hope this helps someone prepare for and cope with freelancing!


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