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Quotes are great

Quotes to me, are captions, summaries and prompts that put together an explanation for a certain phenomenon. When you want to pass a truth, principle or philosophy of life down from one person to another, one great way to do it is to put it in a short, memorizable statement, known as a quote.

So, when you want others to quickly remember something you said, you either find an existing quote or create one to help them remember. In blogs, these quotes are usually put with a button to easily tweet it. The whole essence is to have something simple, short and catchy that you can pull up and it will provoke the rest of the thought.

A few weeks ago, we celebrated National Teachers Day and I saw and downloaded several quotes about teachers that spurred some great discussions among some teachers around me. I will share some of those thoughts and the quotes as well. Let me say at this point that I am not the original author of these quotes, they are quotes you may have come across before on Education.

Thoughts and Quotes in Education

1. Passion in Teaching!

I discovered especially when dealing with younger children, that passion and enthusiasm is a great resource for teaching and learning. Whenever I allow the stress or tiredness or even sometimes frustration of tools & tech that don’t work to get at me and I lose my interest in teaching a particular class, I discover that the children also lose the interest in learning. On the flip side, when you find teachers who enjoy teaching and are passionate about it, they impact the same enthusiasm to their students and those students end up loving the process of learning, they want to learn! So my quote here is . . .

[bctt tweet=”Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning #EduBlogsClub @danno4krist” via=”no”]

2. Methods and Practices!

I once saw this tweet from Alice Keeler sometime ago…

The answer is obviously NO! Unfortunately, we have gotten comfortable with such practices in education. We still teach the talk and chalk way, we still want to keep control of the class by dictating all that happens and keeping everyone shut to hear you, we still assume the evidence of learning is in the homework etc. So I hope we will begin to be creative, think outside the box and consider new methods and practices in achieving the same results. The truth, though painful is . . .

[bctt tweet=” If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow #EduBlogsClub @danno4krist” via=”no”]

3. It’s about the students’ discovery

If only we leave the control a bit and allow the students discover themselves. Children originally have the adventurous spirit and want to discover for themselves how things are and operate. Whereas an adult will prefer to do it the same old way because at least he knows that way, children would love to discover for themselves what is behind it all, even if it involves risk. If we as teachers, release our children and give them some bit of liberty to discover their own learning, we would achieve more. So the issue is that . . .

[bctt tweet=”It’s not about what teachers can cover, it’s about what students can discover #EduBlogsClub @danno4krist” via=”no”]

4. The role of collaboration among teachers

One of the best advice I have received as a growing teacher is to connect with great teachers and learn from them. The best person to train you to be a better teacher (even with the use of technology) is another teacher who is practically doing it in the classroom as well. We have one another, that’s the most valuable resource we have and we must maximize it. Let’s rally round one another, encourage one another, stay with one another and help each other. Our growth as individuals and as teachers collectively,┬áis greatly dependent on how much we maximize ourselves and the wealth of experience amongst us. Therefore, the most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other. Without collaboration, our growth is limited to our own perspectives!

[bctt tweet=”The most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other. Without collaboration, our growth is limited to our own perspectives (Robert John Meehan) #EduBlogsClub @danno4krist” via=”no”]

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    Here is the prompt resource

    You have shared some very wise words here! I love the quote by Alice Keeler about doctors. I also agree with you about the power of collaboration.

    So much food for thought here. Thank you.


    1. Thanks Kathleen for your comment . . . Yes, I received the mail and already downloaded the document, thanks. Thanks also for managing the #EdublogsClub!


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