Page Numbering in MS Word

The Scenario

While in my final year at undergraduate days, I had to carry out a final year project (like we all do) but much more to write a report of the project. My project report was over 100 pages and I had the task of putting page numbers to the document.

The Challenge

The document had the title page, introductory pages (acknowledgement, dedication, table of contents, abstract), body (chapters 1 – 5) and concluding pages (references and appendices). The document should be paged as follows:
1. Title page – no page number
2. Acknowledgement to Abstract page – Roman numerals (i, ii, iii, iv etc.)
3. Chapters 1 – end of document – Numbers (1, 2, 3, 4….. 93)

My Escape route (actually, for lack of knowledge sake)

🙈 I had 3 different documents. I had my title page on one document and left it without a page number. Then I had the introductory pages, on another document and paged it in Roman numerals. Finally, the third document had my chapter 1 to the end. Smart, isn’t it? Did I achieve the goal? Yes, but it was very cumbersome. I had 3 different files, for one document!

The Solution!

So, I have decided to share a video (and document) in this post to show you how to appropriately put page numbers on your report or on any document, as that. Thanks to Dr. (Mrs.) Oluwatoyin Osundiran who pushed me to search this out and also encouraged me to produce this document to help others.


The document, therefore, will show you step by step how to add page numbers to Microsoft Word documents, using section breaks.

Download resource document in pdf.


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