In my third year in school, I did my 4-week internship in a broadcasting station. As eager and excited as I was to start work, my first assignment was to meet and know the team. I remembered the media world this week, thanks to Community member Cecilia Bernal and e-Learning challenge anchor David Anderson.

In this week’s Articulate Challenge, we were to design an interactive graphic to introduce an organisation’s key players or leaders; I therefore, decided to introduce our media team at Bright Young Communications.


I came across a tutorial post of a community member on creating blurred pictures in PowerPoint (unfortunately I can’t find it again) and decided to try that first in my design. Tim Slade’s submission on apple’s leadership team and Montse Posner Anderson’s submission among others were a great inspiration for my initial concepts. With a few free resources at the heroes site, I came up with this awesome interactive introduction to team members template…surprisingly my first!


The Result…
Feel free to download this interactive Meet the Team e-Learning Template.

P.S BYC and her media team is only a ‘virtual’ organisation and does not exist!

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