My personal Top 10 tools for learning 2014

As I engaged Computer Softwares and tools for my learning this year, a few tools have been very useful for me. I will attempt a list of those tools in no particular order. Thanks to Jane Hart who has requested that we write about our top 10 tools for learning, as a contribution to the 8th annual survey of the top 100 tools for learning 2014.

I actively use both an android tablet and a windows Laptop and so my top tools are across the two platforms. I would specify accordingly.

My Personal Top 10 Tools for learning 2014
My Personal Top 10 Tools for learning 2014


1. Diaro Android App: This is my indispensable writing and note-taking tool. I use Diaro several times a day to make my notes, jot down my ideas and plan my work. All blog drafts begin here!

2. PowerPoint: On my laptop, I use Microsoft PowerPoint to design my e-Learning courses. I also use it for my presentations. Check my portfolio page for samples of courses I designed with PowerPoint.

3. Dropbox: A very useful tool on both my laptop and tablet, for storing and sharing files. Check here for my blog post on my use of Dropbox. I have it available on tablet and laptop.

4. WordPress: This serves two basic functions. One, as my blogging and publishing tool and the other as my reader. I engage the reader feature in wordpress to follow and read blog posts of other elearning designers. I also have it available on my tablet and laptop.

5. LinkedIn: This is my connectivity tool. I have enjoyed this tool so much as it helps me stay up to date with articles in my field and from great minds in the e-Learning field. My connection base is growing and it’s real connection for learning! View my LinkedIn profile here. I use it on both my laptop and tablet.

6. Snipping tool: I have used this tool so much as well for fast capture of any part of my laptop screen. While working and designing, I use this to capture and save in png any section of my screen.

7. YouTube: I have used this so much to view videos posted by professionals on software training. I have also posted a few videos showing my work. I use it both on my laptop and tablet.

8. Skype: Skype has been useful for communication with friends and professionals. Mobility with my Tablet as well as on my laptop makes this tool convenient.

9. Camtasia: A few times, I’ve had to use Camtasia for my laptop screen video capturing. I used Camtasia for this time lapse video, I created sometime ago.

10. Adobe Premiere: I do a bit of audio and video editing and Adobe Premiere is my software for doing that, on my laptop.

So that’s 10 right? Tell me, what are your top 10 tools? Share below in the comment section. Also consider adding your vote to the annual survey, you can vote here.

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