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Almost everyone has a smartphone now and probably every 8 out of 10 young people use an android phone or an android device including me! One of the greatest benefits of smartphones is the use of Apps that serve us, give us some form of entertainment, give us productivity and generally make life easier for us. Out of the several Apps I have on my android tablet, I decided to show you 3 of my most productive apps and do a little review of them.


1. Diaro Pro
Diaro is an awesome Record App used to make notes of daily activities,  experiences, thoughts and ideas. I personally use this app for all my writings, from class jottings, to quick notes, to devotions, to idea pads, to Journey Journals. Notes can be put into different categories that you can create, edit or delete. It has capacity for adding tags to notes, so I can see all notes across categories that talked about worship if I tagged them that way. Security & safety is very important and Diaro has a feature that locks the app with a 4 digit pin once you exit. Ability to sync across devices using a Diaro account is another good feature. You can also backup your notes safely to an SD card or link it with a Dropbox account. Finally, your notes are also safe in their online storage accessible from anywhere using your account at There you have the great safety feature of exporting your notes to pdf, so you lose nothing!


2. T2Expense Pro
T2Expense is a wonderful Personal Financial Management App I discovered sometimes last year, in the spirit of accountability unto God and unto man! I use this app to make a record of all my daily financial transactions. This helps me monitor my income and particularly expenses on a daily basis. You can add, edit and delete Income and expense categories to help you monitor your expenses on different aspects like transportation, airtime, offering, food&drink etc. T2Expense can be linked with a Dropbox account that syncs all data and settings so you can keep a record and the app can also be locked with a 4 digit pin that keeps your records off everyone that picks up your phone. Finally, one of the greatest features I like is the ability to generate a report in a spreadsheet-like way and export to MS Excel. You can also generate a graphical view (pie chart, bar chart etc.) of your report which is just fantastic!


3. Hymn Lyrics Plus
You may be a little more familiar with Hymn lyrics. Hymn Lyrics is a simple but great app containing hundreds of Christian hymns for personal and corporate edification. I have enjoyed this app so much as I have been baffled at the number of hymns it contains. I have hardly heard any hymn sang in most of our churches and it is not in the hymn database, awesome work by its developers. But what if I discover a hymn that is not there? I can submit the hymn for inclusion in a subsequent update. While waiting for the developers to include it, I can manually add ‘Custom songs’ to its database and get to view it alongside others. Other features exist like search and filter by author, title, lyrics, hymn of the day etc. A great app I always use!


Now I’m learning to work with PowerPoint and so I designed this using PowerPoint, it makes it a little more interactive, enjoyable and visual! Click to see the PowerPoint design and enjoy. It is best enjoyed if you view in Reading mode or simply start a slide show!

I highly recommend, Download and enjoy!

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