Transparent Echo Technique for Background Images

Yes . . . I’m back to the e-Learning heroes challenges after several months of not being able to participate. Somehow, I could not just resist this particular challenge – it was both simple and fun!

The Challenge

David Anderson, the challenge umpire asked us to use what Tom Kuhlmann called the transparent echo technique to create background images for e-learning courses, cover slides.

The process

Pretty much like Tom explained in this video tutorial, my process was simple:

  1. I selected an image and doubled it.
  2. Then I scaled up one to make the background image and placed as desired.
  3. I put a box on the background image, used the color picker to fill the box with the color of a part of the image for color consistency.
  4. I formatted the rectangle box to add transparency to it.
  5. I added text and again used the color picker for the text color.

Possible applications

This simple design tip can be applied in various design scenarios like:

  1. E-Learning course cover slides
  2. Static flier or poster designs
  3. Generic background images with text overlay

The result

Below were my three submissions!

TransEchoTech-audio tips TransEchoTech-Jesusdied TransEchoTech-strategy

I had great fun designing these . . . How would you use this design tip?

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