This week’s articulate challenge was to design a progress meter to be used in an e-Learning course. As I usually enjoy watching others submit their great work, I closely watched and learnt until while playing a game I got attracted to their progress meter style.

The Concept
I was playing Lep’s world 3 on Android (a game I’ve come to love) and my eyes suddenly caught the progress meter and I decided to apply it as my demo. The course was designed as a game with two levels of progress. First, the main menu in form of “Worlds” and the second is level-by-level progress within a world.

The Design
I went into PowerPoint and created the sky effect and the rainbow colors as well. I decided to use an image if the world for the main world selection. Other world’s are locked until you complete all levels in the previous world. After every world is completed, a green check appears across that world to show you have successfully completed it. At the end you can unlock a new set of world’s to continue to play, unless it’s a demo!

It’s Application
Very useful while designing a game or course for kids because of its feel and look.

The Result
The result is this progress meter to guide you through Travel-land!

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