Podcast Description.

I’m so excited to begin the podcast finally. It’s been about a year now since I have desired to do this. I had too many challenges which do not exclude the natural inertia to do something new that befalls many of us.

But finally, I am able to begin the podcast and here is the first episode!


Introducing the Tech Tools & Tips Podcast

In This Episode

I introduce the Tech Tools & Tips Podcast and talk about it. The following are discussed in it . . .

– What’s a podcast and why should you listen to one?

– The Tech Tools & Tips Podcast Segment – What’s in it for me?

– How can I get to listen to your episodes regularly?

– How can I discuss the episodes & even share them with my friends?

As good as a great book is, you can’t do anything while reading. With Audio podcasts, you can listen almost anywhere! #TTTips

Episode Resources

I have previously written about using Podcast Addict to manage your podcast. View the post here.

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