Blurred Backgrounds for E-Learning

This week, David Anderson challenged us with creating blurred backgrounds for use in e-learning and several e-learning heroes came up with many great ideas for when to use blurred backgrounds. Use of blurred backgrounds. In e-learning, background images can be blurred to bring attention to the character or text on the¬†screen,¬†which would ordinarily have conflicted …

My flat-tistic work environment

Visual design can be both fun and challenging for me and David Anderson, the e-Learning heroes challenge anchor gave me that opportunity this week to engage in a fun-filled challenge, creating a flat-design graphic image of our work-desk. The contributions this week displayed the creator’s strengths, focus and uniqueness, it’s worth checking out here.

Disaster Recovery in an Examination: From Storyboard to Course Design

This week’s Articulate e-Learning challenge was all about e-Learning storyboard templates before design. It was a great week as I learnt what it means to storyboard a plot before launching the actual authoring tool to design the course.

Call Center Interactive Training

It’s another week of learning and creating after the two-week non-design break at the articulate e-Learning challenge. This week’s challenge was to design a call center interaction. I almost gave up on being a part of this one due to several physical challenges but then I suddenly remembered… Consistency in learning is key, even if …

Podcast: Interview Questions on e-Learning

I have been a little in and out of the weekly articulate e-Learning challenges but decided to jump in and participate in this week’s challenge We were to record in audio format, answers to the following 10 interview questions. Click on each question to hear the answer. I explained the process briefly after the questions.