Let’s Learn to Say the Time

This week’s articulate e-learning challenge was to design an interaction to teach any math concept online. With several math concepts from simple additions, to number groupings, use of slide rule, right to complex permutations, it was both fun and engaging for me, to watch all entries pour in!

e-Learning Character Graphics with Gate Screen

In the midst of plenty of work, I decided to stop to cater for two previous e-learning challenges – Create your own e-learning character and Gate screens in e-learning courses. That’s killing two birds with one stone, very possible!

Disaster Recovery in an Examination: From Storyboard to Course Design

This week’s Articulate e-Learning challenge was all about e-Learning storyboard templates before design. It was a great week as I learnt what it means to storyboard a plot before launching the actual authoring tool to design the course.